Cody Becker is a personal trainer specializing in strength training and injury prevention. 

As a former Command Fitness Leader in the Navy, he led workouts for groups of 10-100+ people, ensuring physical readiness. He also apprenticed for over 1000 hours under a specialized sports training facility owner. He holds an MBA from the University of California, San Diego and a diploma from the National Personal Training Institute, 

Beyond his qualifications as a personal trainer, he has also demonstrated a strong sense of determination and perseverance. He has spent over 500 days underwater on a nuclear powered submarine. He has challenged himself above sea level as well. For instance, he hiked over 1,400 continuous miles of the Pacific Crest Trail, averaging 25+ miles per day from Mexico to Tahoe. The experiences combined taught him the value of hard work, commitment and dedication. These same qualities have helped him become the personal trainer he is today - focused, professional, and passionate about helping his clients reach their goals.

His clients come from a variety of backgrounds and have different fitness goals. Whether you're new or experienced with strength training, looking to prevent future injuries, or simply hoping to feel stronger and healthier, the CB Strength Training program can help you achieve your fitness goals.

Work with Cody to make the most of your valuable time, build strength, prevent injuries, and promote long-term health and wellness through the CB Strength Training program.

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